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Recently I came across great blog that can make a breakthrough in your mind if you really, I mean REALLY want to master Japanese. Please check it, you won’t regret.

BTW this site gave me an answer why I couldn’t really find Japanese movies or anime with Japanese subs regardless how hard I tried:

… the thinking in Japan’s movie industry has typically followed two distinct lines:

  1. Hearing-impaired people can go in the general direction of heck.
  2. Subtitles on foreign movies are not merely intended to repeat dialogue, but to convey, clarify and expound on dialogue — in other words, to pick up perceived slack in the audio translation

There are several hot discussions going on around his method, many people admire his way of learning the language, others are quite skeptical. But IMHO you should read it yourself, analyze it and then…

Do whatever works for you.

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Logo: “dragon book” allusion

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Some of you might know an amazing book by Alfred Aho & Ravi Sethi ‘Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools‘ which is often referred as “dragon book“. I would say that many people treat kanji the same way. Therefore we’ll get pretty dragon as a logo for the site.

Toon Dragon - Modo Render (Draft).jpg

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